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Stellarvue Reducer Flattener for SVA130EDT W/3" Focuser-48MM


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Product Details

  • Stellarvue Reducer Flattener for SVA130EDT W/3" Focuser-48MM

    This is a giant reducer and flattener for converting the SVA130EDT visual optics system into a 130mm F-5 full frame imaging system with a 650mm Focal Length. The basis by which this system achieves this transformation is the SFFR-130EDT reducer flattener. This unit has a 69 mm back focus using an M69X1 rear thread. This full frame reducer flattener has been responsible for many of the amazing images taken recently with the SVA130EDT. This reducer-flattener was designed to be used with the 3" Feathertouch Focuser version of the SVA130EDT. If you wish to use other focusers with the reducer and flattener, you will need an adapter system for your camera. What this allows is a whole new degree of flexibility and versatilityc with your SVA130EDT- allowing you to convert between the originals F-7 and the F-5 attainable with this reducer-flattener freely. This means you can drastically increase the speed for one period of viewing- then decrease it again as you like simply by uninstalling the modification- while retaining it's availability for future sessions. What this means for you is that you can, with the Stellarvue Reducer Flattener, use your SVA130EDT for a wider variety of functions without buying another telescope entirely. It's not only a simple boost in sheer versatility, but an economic choice as well.

    Stellarvue Reducer Flattener for SVA130EDT W/3" Focuser-48MM; Features

    • Converts the 7-F SVA 130EDT into an F-5
    • 69 mm back focus
    • Transition is also from purely visual optics into an imaging system.
    • Packaged with a 3" Feathertouch Focuser for use with this system and a camera.
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