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Stellarvue Optimus 9mm 1.25"/2" 100° Eyepiece

SKU : SV-EOP-09.0

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Product Details

  • The 1.25/2.0" 100° Optimus 9 mm eyepiece is an exceptional wide angle eyepiece ideal for Deep Sky, Lunar, and Planetary observation use. This high contrast eyepiece produces sharp, clear views with a broad 100-degree field of view to soak in. It is a moderate power eyepiece, and offers a comfortable and generous 15 mm of eye relief to make sustained sessions involving the eyepiece much easier to maintain. The fold-able rubber eye-cup is another great assist to your comfort and ease of viewing, the entire eyepiece designed for maximal astronomy pleasure. These eyepieces are great for those long, clear nights when you just want to get lost in the nebulae and galaxies of the night sky, the wide field of view letting you metaphorically go on a 'space walk' through the stars- the immersive nature of the wide field of view combined with exacting clarity making it easy to lose yourself in the moment.

    The nine Element, Six Grouping design is fully internally baffled and darkened to prevent unwanted internal light refraction of any kind from being an issue worth speaking on, as well as working in unison with the top quality multi coatings that affect every single optical element of this stellar eyepiece to prevent glare, reflections, flaring, and ghosting. All in all, this Stellarvue eyepiece is sure to provide you with top notch stellar views of a wide array of nebulae and galaxy, along with other Deep Sky objects of your choice. It is also suitable for planetary or lunar viewing if you prefer.

  • specifications

    Eye Relief15mm
    Eyepiece Diameter62mm
    Eyepiece Length171mm
    Eyepiece TypeFixed
    Field of View100 Degrees
    Field Stop Diameter41mm
    Focal Length9mm

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