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Stellarvue M2C Mount Head- Combo D/V Dovetail Shoe, with Heavy Duty Tripod

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Stellarvue M2C Mount Head- Combo D/V Dovetail Shoe, with Heavy Duty Tripod

Stellarvue M2 Mount Head- Combo D/V Dovetail Shoe

This is the new and improved version of the M2 mount, courtesy of a redesign earlier this year. The JMI encoders that worked with the old M2 do not work with this mount.

This package includes not only the exquisite M2C Mount head, but also a heavy duty stainless steel tripod. This tripod is the newest grab and go style tripod from Stellarvue, perfect for use with Stellarvue refractors. This exceptional tripod weighs in at only 20 lbs, but has a high capacity and numerous other special features- such as an underside brace perfect for holding eyepiece. The attachment bolt is M12 X 1.75. Both the column and the mount head are precision made in the USA in Stellarvue's shop. The head now includes precision ground stainless shafts, stainless steel roller bearings and a big 3" teflon bearing on each axis.

This American made mount is crafted from stainless steel and aluminum. Furthermore, it is machined and assembled in Stellarvues CNC metal shop so it is extremely precise. The smoothness makes slow motion controls unnecessary. Simply set the knobs for minimum drag and glide around the night sky. Traits like these and the exquisite craftsmanship displayed in each little detail are what make the M2C a pleasure to use. This newest variant comes equipped with 3" Teflon and Stainless Steel roller bearings, a larger shaft and the new dual shoe.

In order to use the M-2 mount with Stellarvue tripods, the MEC style column (sold separately) is required. For use with a standard surveyor tripod (with 5/8-11 attachment bolt) use the MEC2 column. If used with a Celestron AVX/CG5/Vixen type tripod use the MEC10 column. For use with the Celestron CGEM tripod, which is the same as Stellarvues new stainless tripod, use the MEC12 column.

This latest version of the M-2 uses smooth 3 oversized bearings on each axis. The tension is adjusted on both axis with over-sized knurled knobs. Once the tension is set, it is easy to glide from object to object without the need for slow motion controls. The mount will hold Stellarvues 70 mm - 130 mm telescopes and other scopes up to about 20 pounds. The Mount head weighs about 4 pounds, and the M2C also comes standard with a Stellarvue TDLV spring loaded shoe.

Manufacturer Product Number: M002CS


Head DesignAltitude—Azimuth
Instrument Capacity20 lbs