Stellarvue Large Photographic Field Flattener

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Stellarvue Large Photographic Field Flattener

These full-frame photographic field flatteners are designed for the Stellarvue SV-SV080ST or the SV-SVR090T. They will thread directly onto your Stellarvue or Feather Touch 2.5-inch dual speed focusers. Simply remove the 2-inch adapter on the focuser and thread the corresponding flattener on. The flattener significantly improves flat-field performance when imaging with DSLR or CCD cameras. With the over-sized 48 mm T-thread you will have less vignetting than with a flattener using a 42 mm T-ring.

They are optically designed for any size CCD chip up to full frame size.  

These field flatteners require 55 +/- 0.5 mm (standard DSLR) back focus. When using a CCD camera, the remaining back focus required can be made up with an 48 mm extension tube.