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Stellarvue SV60EDS Field Flattener -SV-SFF60 - DISCONTINUED-

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Stellarvue SV60EDS Field Flattener -SV-SFF60 - DISCONTINUED-

Stellarvue SV60EDS Field Flattener

The SFF60 Field Flattener is designed for wide field imaging with the Stellarvue SV60 APO Doublet and an imager with an APS (or smaller) sensor. Most DSLR cameras fit this bill perfectly! To connect the Stellarvue SFF60 flattener to the SV60, simply un-thread the 2-INCH adapter on the back of the focuser and replace it with the field flattener; then install your standard DSLR camera to the flattener with the appropriate t-ring. You can also use a small CCD camera with the SV60 and SFF60 Field Flattener, but please note that you may need to add some t-thread extensions to reach 55 mm in order to achieve focus.