Stellarvue R050C - SV Clamshell

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Stellarvue R050C - SV Clamshell

Stellarvue R050C - SV Clamshell / 

F50 - SV:

This is a solid, well-constructed clamshell ring specifically fitted and designed for Stellarvue's 50 mm Finderscopes and Guidescopes- it will not fit any other designs but those. With a velvet lining and a compression ring that allows smooth rotation and positioning of the finder or guide scope as needed, this is a precision item indeed- enhancing the usability of the Stellarvue 50 mm Finderscopes and Guidescopes. Included with the Clamshell is a separate mounting base is included with 1/4-20 threaded holes (see drawings).

To attach the clamshell, remove the entire back end of the finder or guide scope, then slide on the clamshell being careful not to pull up the adhesive backed velvet as you install it. After that, replace the back end parts and you are ready to go. Do not remove the dew shield to attach the clamshell to the lens will fall out onto the floor!

Stellarvue F50 - SV Clamshell: Features

  • Fits to 50 mm Stellarvue Guide scopes and Finderscopes
  • Separate mounting base with 1/4-20 threaded holes
  • Velvet lining and compression ring for precision rotation and positioning



Accessory TypeGuider Accessory