Stellarvue F2F - F2 Multi-Reticle Finder Universal Dovetail Stalk & Shoe

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Stellarvue F2F - F2 Multi-Reticle Finder Universal Dovetail Stalk & Shoe

Stellarvue F2F Dovetail Stalk and Shoe for Stellarvue F2 Illuminated Reticule Finderscopes

Are you looking for a universal F2 mounting base system for various telescopes? The Stellarvue F2F Dovetail Stalk and Shoe is your answer. This package includes a large dovetail shoe that mounts to the back cell of an SCT, the top of a Stellarvue clamshell, the massive 3.5" Feather Touch focuser or any flat surface. It includes a dovetail shoe and an aluminum stalk that has the dovetail groove for the Stellarvue F2 Illuminated Multi-Reticule finderscope (sold separately). But you're in luck! The Stellavue F2F Dovetail Stalk and Shoe will also mount atop the Tele Vue clamshell providing the purchaser with even more flexibility. The shoe will work with both of Stellarvue's finders as well - allowing you to move your finder from telescope to telescope with ease! Does not fit Stellarvue F1001 Red Dot Finder.


Accessory TypeFinder Brackets & Rings & Bases
Warranty2 Year Warranty

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  • Why does this not fit my tpo- rmd finder fron OPT? Tighten as much as I could and it was still loose

    Please make sure the the clamp on the bottom of the OS-RDMF finder is lined up correctly with the dovetail at the top of the SV-F2F. We tried attaching them in the store and they fit together but you have to be careful not to mis-align the clamp on the d