Stellarvue 'Access 102' ED Apochromat W/ Diagonal - Duplicate

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Stellarvue 'Access 102' ED Apochromat W/ Diagonal - Duplicate

Stellarvue has done it again, providing yet another top quality apochromatic refractor at an affordable price with their access product line. The material composition of this scope has been carefully calculated to pass savings on to you, the customer, without sacrificing quality and usability. It is an apochromatic doublet that utilizes high quality FPL 53 and Lanthanum glass, providing color aberration free optics with exceptional clarity and high contrast. Every lens is aligned before the telescope is shipped to you, and Stellarvue is so confident in the end result of their manufacturing process that they are willing to ship you a Zygo test report for your telescope for only $50 extra. This apocrhomatic doublet also features an inbuilt retractable dew shield that is sure to protect your telescope from the elements and preserve your telescopes lenses. As with most Stellarvue instruments, this scope is internally baffled black to prevent internal reflections and preserve your image quality. The scope comes with a 2.5" rack and pinion dual speed precision focuser, and mounts to a V style dovetail. This version is also packaged with a D1029ED Diagonal for your convenience and ease of use.