Stellarvue 9x50 Straight Through Finder

Magnification: 9X Aperture: 50mm Applications: Visual Finderscope, Imaging Guidescope High optical clarity and quick to focus
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Stellarvue 9x50 Straight Through Finder

This 9x Magnification 50mm Optical Finder from Stellarvue is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their astronomy experience. It can be used visually straight out of the box, and with minimal accessories it can also be used for imaging as a guide-scope to help you aim and track your target. It operates at a focal ratio of F/4, and uses a 1.25" helical focuser for control. It comes with a Stellarvue E3023R reticle eyepiece that is fully compatible with the 9x50 finder, allowing you to make optimal use of it fresh out of the box.




Stellarvue 9x50 Straight Through Finder Stellarvue E3023R reticle eyepiece Standard 1.25" compression ring unit with an external M42 X .75 t-thread