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Stellarvue 70mm APO-TRI Imaging System - Duplicate

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Stellarvue 70mm APO-TRI Imaging System - Duplicate

The 70 mm APO-TRI Imaging System by Stellarvue:


OPT is happy to offer a new package ideal for anyone interested in high level astrophotograph, complete with a field flattener perfect for optimizing this apochromatic triplet into a top notch imaging scope for astrophotography. It was designed using the sharpest and highest contrast 70 mm lens that Stellarvue has to offer, in conjunction with the aforementioned high quality focuser. This is no mass produced scope crafted with inferior glass nor sloppy mechanics, but a premier 70 mm Apochromat from Stellarvue, designed and crafted to exacting standards.

The aforementioned lens is a 70 mm F-6 with a full focal length of 420 mm, fully multi coated. It is a three element objective lens utilizing the Ohara FPL-53 center element- and lens focuses light precisely and in addition, the extreme broadband coatings on each surface enhance performance even further. The visual result is a stunning display of vivid bright stars on a velvet black background of the night sky- contrast beautiful and dichotomous. These coatings transmit more than 99% into the visual spectrum and far above and below that- utterly eliminating reflections seen on CCD images. Combined with the relatively fast speed and high Strehl optics, this all comes together to make the 70 mm APO Stellarvue's widest field imaging telescope, and leaves the visual performance absolutely stunning.

Included in this package is a thickly padded airline travel carry-on-case for ease of transit. This carry-case goes out of it's way to ensure ease of movement when taking the scope to any site from which you might wish to observe.

The SV70T furthermore comes with an aluminum tube and dew shield finished in fine Instrument White, with Black Anodized aluminum fittings. The dew shield is designed to be able to retract when being stored- allowing you to reduce its length notably to make it easier to fit away- meanwhile, extending that same dew shield minimizes overnight dewing of the objective, and provides a glare-shade during the daytime.

Let us continue on to mention the long labored over 2.5-inch Stellarvue visual and photographic focuser. Many years in the making, this latest design within that line is smooth and stable; a dual speed, 2.5-inch focuser providing an ultra smooth fine focus control at an 11:1 ratio, so as to ensure perfect focus is attainable every time with a minimum of work. Ideal for both visual and imaging use due to it's design, this focuser provides a full 2.875-inch of travel. An internal break system further enhances the design by allowing the user to adjust capacity as needed. All together this can be summed as one of the finest dual focusers available today. And indeed- summing all these features together, we find one of the finest 70 mm Apochromatic telescopes available today!

Stellarvue 70 mm APO-TRI/ 2.5-inch R/P Focuser:

  • Objective: 70 mm clear aperture, 420 mm focal length (F-6), apochromatic triplet with Ohara FPL-53 center element.
  • Tube Assembly: Machined aluminum tube painted Instrument white outside, ultra flat back inside.
  • Dimensions: The main tube is 82 mm in diameter. The complete telescope is about 14.75-inch long with dew shield extended and about 12-inch long when retracted. Dew shield is 3.5-inch in diameter.
  • Weight: The optical tube assembly weighs 4.4-pounds,  5.6-pounds with dual rings and Vixen rail.
  • Focuser: 2.5-inch dual speed Stellarvue rack and pinion focuser with 2-inch and 1.25-inch compression ring adapters. Precision rack and pinion focusers has better stability and a higher lifting capacity than 2-inch import Crayford focusers.
  • Rings: Custom Stellarvue R70SET precision hinged rings. Each ring has three 1/4-20 holes top and bottom with one in the center and two spaced 1.5-inches apart.
  • Flattener: Includes the SV-SFFR-70APO 0.8x Field Flattener
  • Case: Stellarvue C19 thickly padded airline carry-on case. Holds telescope, 2-inch star diagonal, eyepieces and field flattener.


OPT Product Number: SV-70T-IS