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Stellarvue 68MM Guidescope Rings for F50/F60 - DISCONTINUED -

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Stellarvue 68MM Guidescope Rings for F50/F60 - DISCONTINUED -

The 68 mm Guidescope Rings for F50/F60 by Stellarvue:

This is a set of two adjustable rings that are made to hold 50 to 60 mm guidescopes, designed with three stainless steel adjustment screws that have Nylon tips on each ring. Furthermore, each ring is mounted to a dovetail shoe that will slide onto either a Losmandy, Stellarvue or Vixen rail. The inside diameter of this ring system is 68 mm, making it the perfect size to hold Stellarvue's 50 to 60 mm Finderscopes, or their F50G guidescope! The use of adjustable rings like this with a guider scope is simple, really- as a guider scope is used both for super-finding and for guiding a telescope during astrophotography, it becomes necessary to use adjustable rings to mount the guider scope atop the main telescope. Adjustable rings allow the guide scope to be moved slightly in relation to the main telescope. This is necessary because if non-adjustable hinged rings are used, the two telescopes will never be pointed in precisely the same direction. Thus, when using a guider scope as a super finder, hinged adjustable rings enable the user to make sure each telescope is centered on the same object. When doing astrophotography, adjustable rings will make it possible to point the guide scope at a relatively bright guide star while the main telescope is centered on the object being photographed.

Stellarvue 68 mm Guidescope Rings for F50/F60: Features

  • Inner Ring Diameter of 68 mm.
  • Made to hold 50 to 60 mm scopes.
  • Dovetail slots to Stellarvue, Vixen, or Losmandy rails.
  • Set of two Adjustable Rings

OPT Product Number: SV-R68LV