Stellarvue 2" Visual Back-SVQ100 for 3" SV Focuser

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Stellarvue 2" Visual Back-SVQ100 for 3" SV Focuser

Stellarvue 2-Inch Visual Back-SVQ100 for 3-Inch SV Focuser: This is a low profile 2-inch threaded visual adapter for use with any 3-inch Stellarvue focuser, including the 3-inch SV focuser used on the SVQ100 astrographs.


This product includes the visual back designed for the Feather Touch focuser and has the adapter so it will thread into the Stellarvue focuser which has a slightly larger OD.


This 2-inch adapter accommodates 2-inch accessories using a compression ring clamp. Basically, it allows you to use smaller 2-inch accessories with the larger 3-inch focuser.