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Starlight Xpress TRIUS PRO-674 Mini Combi with Lodestar PRO

SKU : SX-100-0084

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  • This is a Trius Pro Blue Edition - Cooled Monochrome Camera System with a USB Hub, MINI USB Filter Wheel, and Lodestar PRO autoguider package
  • Sensor: CCD Sony ICX674ALG; 2.8 MP; 16bit; 4.54 microns-square pixels; and an 1940 x 1460 pixel array.
  • Best used as a deep-sky imaging camera. 
  • High-functioning autoguider to find even the faintest guide star
  • Lower read noise and faster readout
  • Made of solid, anodized aluminum

Product Details

  • A dynamite combination of the TRIUS PRO-674 Blue edition monochrome camera with Lodestar PRO autoguider and MINI USB Filter Wheel will leave you with the most sophisticated astro-imaging set-up on the market!


    The TRIUS Pro Cameras innovate like no other, boasting impressive cooling systems and advanced electrical designs to compete with the best cameras in its class! 

    Versatile Camera Body

    All Trius Cameras have incorporated a USB hub into the main camera, which offers 3 x USB 2.0 ports at the rear of the camera. Each port is capable of delivering up to 200mA and is able to drive a Lodestar, or UltraStar for guiding and another two USB ports for our USB filter wheels, etc. This integration greatly reduces the number of cable trails back to the computer and gives less potential cable tangling around the mount during your imaging session.

    Image note: This is a Blue Edition camera, the black version is shown for demonstration purposes only.

    Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 694C Cooled Color CCD Camera - Blue Edition-05

    Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 694C Cooled Color CCD Camera - Blue Edition-06

    Low Temp Cooling Systems

    The TRIUS Pro Camera Series reach anywhere between -40 and -50 degrees of cooling, ensuring that your noise levels stay extremely low. Combined with this, each camera is designed with Argon-filled sensor chambers to further optimize this process.

    Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 694C Cooled Color CCD Camera - Blue Edition-family

    Starlight Xpress MINI USB Filter Wheel

    The Mini Filter Wheel with 5 Position 1.25-Inch Filter Holder by Starlight Xpress:

    The Starlight Xpress Mini USB Filter Wheel with off-axis guide prism, is a compact solution for mobile setups, or where the lightest possible wheel and guider are required. The wheel is USB controlled and powered, with 5 filter positions, and the OAG is pre-set to be close to par-focal with most SX cameras. The Starlight Xpress Lodestar or SuperStar guide cameras are an ideal match to the integrated OAG pick-off tube.

    Lodestar PRO

    Starlight Xpress's Lodestar PRO Autoguider Camera now takes first place in the race for the Best Autoguider on the market! Finding a faint guide star is now so easy with faster download time and super low read noise figures.

    The high sensitivity and low read noise are attributed to the Sony ICX829AL CCD chip, which was also used in the Lodestar and Lodestar X2. Although the Lodestar PRO is not cooled, the low dark signal and low readout noise are able to compensate for this to guide on stars that are beyond the reach of webcams and CMOS chip based guide cameras. The UltraStar PRO is equipped with a full-size RJ12 autoguider port, so you're not forced to run extra cables from your computer to make corrections to your mount.

    The Lodestar PRO is extremely compact in size (31.75mm dia x 85mm long), which is also the size of a 1.25 inch eyepiece push fit. Bring this autoguider with you on your next star party to find your guide star and start viewing the wonders of the night sky.

  • specifications

    ADC16 bit
    Back Focus17 mm
    Camera ConnectionM42 x 0.75
    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Cooling Below Ambient40C
    Dynamic Range12.3 Stops
    Full Well17ke
    Mega Pixels2.8 MP
    MPLess than 2 MP
    Peak QE77%
    Pixel Array1940 x 1460
    Pixel Size4.54 microns
    PS4 to 6 Microns
    Read Noise3.5e
    Sensor Diagonal11 mm
    Sensor TypeCCD
    SensorSony ICX674ALG
    Weight1 lb
  • included items

      • TRIUS PRO 674 Blue Camera
      • Starlight Xpress MINI USB Filter Wheel
      • Lodestar PRO Autoguider

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