Solarscope Adapter Plate - SF-70/Borg 76 - UNAVAILABLE -

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Solarscope Adapter Plate - SF-70/Borg 76 - UNAVAILABLE -

Solarscope Adapter Plate - SF-70/Borg 76

Solarscope Filters can be used on most telescopes of 3000mm focal length or less. A good quality refractor is ideal. Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov- Cassegrain and other reflector types can also be used.

Customer Note: The adapter you receive may not look exactly like the ones depicted in the photograph, and of course, you will get only one. Additional 67 - 77 camera filter step adapters required for Borg 67/77 line, and 67 - 52 for Mini Borg 45ED and 50 Achromatic refractors.

Solarscope Product Number: BORG76-70


For Filter Size70mm
For Telescope Apertures 4"
For Telescope ModelBorg 76 Telescope
Solar Adapter Fit TypeSlip Fit/ Set Screws