Software Bisque Paramount ME II with Dual On-Axis Absolute Encoders

  • On axis encoders offer better than 0.1 arcsecond resolution
  • All sky RMS pointing accuracies
  • Periodic errors are virtually eliminated and PE training is not required
  • The mount always knows its mechanical orientation
  • On-axis encoders must be factory installed
  • Note: On-axis encoders are presently not available for the Paramount MX, Paramount MYT, or the earlier generation Paramount ME


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Software Bisque Paramount ME II with Dual On-Axis Absolute Encoders

This Paramount ME II has Dual On-Axis Absolute Encoders

  • 240 pound (109 kg) total instrument capacity, 480 pound (218 kg) total Capacity
  • New MKS 5000 control system featuring USB 2.0 computer to mount interface
  • Calibrated polar alignment adjustments make TPoint-assisted polar alignment a breeze
  • Belt-driven gears offer virtually zero backlash
  • Unibody mount design weighs 84 pounds (38 kg)
  • Maximum seven arcseconds peak-to-peak periodic error before PEC
  • Ample room to add through the mount cabling
  • Power supply and PC-to-mount cabling included
  • Versatile equipment mounting plate (aka the Versa-Plate) that can accept virtually any optic
  • All electronics and wiring are enclosed within the mount (power supply is external)
  • 30 arcseconds or better all sky pointing accuracy with TPoing and Super Model
  • Clutchless design maintains TPoint assisted pointing accuracy
  • Two port USB 2.0 hub on the instrument panel
  • Track or slew up to three hours past the meridian
  • Dual On-Axis Absolute Encoders


More robust in every way, the Paramount ME II has a remarkable weight capacity of 240 pounds while weighing in at a moderate and manageable 84 pounds. Increased bearing size, a larger counterweight shaft diameter and, of course, a far greater weight capacity make the ME II a more heavy duty follow up to the legendary Paramount ME.

As expected with every Software Bisque mount, the ME II is strong and smart. Borrowing from the MX mount design, you can now run you equipment cables through the mount - with no disassembly required. The instrument panel also includes 2 USB ports so you're sure to be able to connect your guiding accessories with ease.

Always striving for perfection, the Paramount MEII's belt driven motors are nearly backlash-free. A maximum of 7 arc seconds of periodic error, before correction, provide remarkable slewing accuracy and clutch-less gears maintains T-Point's pointing accuracy.

Check out all the features of the ME II mount below:

See the difference the MEII will make, below is a comparison of the original ME to the MEII. 

  • Note: On-axis encoders are presently not available for the Paramount MX, Paramount MYT, or the earlier generation Paramount ME


Paramount ME II

Paramount ME

Control system electronics

MKS 5000

MKS 4000

Counterweight shaft diameter

1.875-inches (ME II can also accept the ME counterweight shaft)



30-pound/each (14 kg), 2 included

20-pound/each (9 kg), 2 included

Declination bearing

8-inch (48 contact points)

6-inch (14 contact points)

Declination gear diameter



Declination housing

5 x 0.5-inch wall 6061 aluminum tubing

Rectangular aluminum box (6061)

Declination shaft diameter



Declination worm diameter



Degrees past meridian



Motor diameter



Motor torque

30 inches/  ounce

11 inches/ ounce

On axis encoder (optional)

Available mid 2013


Physical hard stop position



Power supply

200 W

80 W

Right ascension bearing

8-inch (48 contact points)

8.6-inch (18 contact points)

Right ascension gear diameter



Right ascension housing

7 x 0.5-inch wall 6061 aluminum tubing

Rectangular aluminum box (6061)

Right ascension shaft diameter



Right ascension worm diameter



Software included

TheSkyX Professional Edition

TPoint Add On

Camera Add On

Multi-OS and Six License Add On for Mac and Windows

Bisque Observatory Software Suite

Through the mount cabling

Large diameter cable conduits (no mount disassembly required)

Smaller diameter cable conduits (some mount disassembly required)

USB ports on Instrument Panel

Two (2)


Weight (mount)

84-pounds (38 kg)

69-pounds (31 kg)

Weight capacity (total payload without counterweights)

240-pound (109 kg)

150-pound (68 kg)



Dual On-Axis Encoders:  This mount has dual on-axis encoders. Unique from the servo encoders that control the input of mount movement, on-axis encoders will read the output of actual, rather than calculated, mount movement. This additional readout will vastly improve pointing and tracking accuracy as well as make up for the majority of any backlash or periodic error that are a natural part of mechanical movement. The axis will also always know it's position which means the need for homing is eliminated. 

This is a factory installed feature.

Delivery times are extended for orders with on-axis encoders. Customers waiting on encoders will be updated as Software Bisque releases information.



Head DesignEquatorial
Instrument Capacity240 lb
Mount Head Weight84lb
Telescope ConnectionLosmandy Style


  • Software Bisque Paramount ME II Equatorial Mount with Dual On-Axis Absolute Encoders
  • 220W Power Supply
  • Two 30 lb Counterweights
  • Shipping lock bolts
  • MEII Altitude adjust wrench
  • Delrin Washers
  • Velvet accessory bag that contains (4) 3/8 shoulder bolts plugs
  • Counterweight Safety knob
  • Hand paddle
  • USB to USB min cable
  • hex key set
  • pier lock knobs
  • QuickStart guide
  • Paramount User Guide
  • USB thumb Drive (loaded with the SkyX Pro for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi for easy download)