Software Bisque The Seeker Astronomy Software for PC

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Software Bisque The Seeker Astronomy Software for PC

Seeker is an immersive and interactive three dimensional solar simulator for your Macintosh OS X (Universal) or Windows computer. Experience simulated space flight and travel to, orbit and explore the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, and satellites with stunning realism. It's an experience you won't soon forget!

Seeker is an immersive experience like no other, with realistic simulated flybys, and loaded with fun and educational scripts, Seeker enlightens and provides a captivating 'edutainment' for anyone young and old, wishing to enjoy the wonders of our solar system. Seeker takes off from where TheSky6 Astronomy Software ends. TheSky6 is principally earth-based astronomy software; Seeker is a solar system "spaceship-based" software. If you own TheSky, you'll love Seeker!

Software Bisque - The Seeker Reviews
Check out the November 2007 issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine for a review of Seeker. In his review of Seeker, entitled "Traveling Through the Solar System," (pages 32-34) author Joe Heafner writes "Seeker succeeds marvelously in its intended purpose."

"Software Bisque has a formidable reputation for TheSky, it's earth-based planetarium software," writes Giles Sparrow in his review of Seeker in the February issue of BBC Sky at Night Magazine. "From planets and moons to the International Space Station, the whole thing looks beautiful..."
New Features for "The Seeker"
  • Improved, sometimes dramatically improved, performance.
  • Improved accuracy of Milky Way map against stars.
  • Improved star field appearance.
  • New command line option "-ForceGL" bypasses the OpenGL compatibility test.
  • Added movie rendering resolution for native iPhone/iPod Touch screen size.
  • The update includes many miscellaneous stability improvements.
  • Moviemaker now always replaces an existing movie file.
  • Moviemaker now obeys the frame rate setting.
  • Moviemaker now respects the script command.
  • Antialiasing and line smoothing no longer crashes some NVidia drivers.
  • Fixed broken transitions when making movies.
  • Corrected audio in the tour of Saturn regarding the total number of moons.

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Compatible OsWindows
CPU Requirements1.5 GHz or fast
Operating System CompatibilityOpenGL 2.0 and later Windows Vista & Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home
Required Display1024 x 768
Required Ram256 MB
RequirementsATI Radeon 9600 or better graphics card; 2.5 GB free disc space