Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Pro Pack


  • Prime Application: Tracking Platform for wide-field and landscape astrophotography
  • Easily Integrated to any Tripod
  • Highly Portable/Lightweight
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Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Pro Pack

The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Pro Pack is a lightweight and highly portable tracking platform that is sure to satisfy your need for a dependable and user friendly astrophotography mount. The Star Adventurer Mini, or 'SAM', is a great choice for the astrophotographer on the move due to it's small size and low weight combined with its highly precise tracking capabilities. The SAM can transform almost any tripod into a useful and precise equatorial mount, letting you setup almost anywhere as your needs change and evolve. The SAM can serve as both a splendid tracking platform or a compact travel mount, and excels in both functions.

The included Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Dec Bracket lets you attach a camera or small telescope, which can then be pointed to different Declination angles as you wish. The Dec bracket includes a motion control knob and a Dec axis locking knob. With the Dec Bracket installed, the Star Adventurer becomes a functional equatorial mount including Dec angle adjustments operating with manual control.

The Latitude Equatorial Base provides the ability to adjust the latitude and azimuth of the system for correct polar alignment. This Latitude Equatorial Base by Sky-Watcher adjusts from 0 degree latitude to 70 degree latitude. By turning the Horizontal Adjustment knob, you can make adjustments to the azimuth position. There is an included bubble level to assist in leveling the base.

The SAM also features such splendid features as automatic shutter release control for DSLR's that have been plugged into the mount, permitting you to program your shutter exposure settings to the most exacting details and precise level. The payload capacity of this exemplary tracking platform is a total of 6.6lbs, which is sufficient for most cameras on their own. The Star Adventurer Mini can be controlled remotely using the free SAM console app that Skywatcher has produced, allowing you to freely customize your tracking speeds and choose from a wide variety of customizable settings to perfect your astrophotography experience to suit your desires.


Free ShippingYes
Head DesignEquatorial
Instrument Capacity6.6 lb


  • Star Adventurer Mini Tracking Platform
  • Illuminator for Polar Finderscope
  • Polar Finderscope
  • Ball Head Adapter
  • Latitude (EQ) Base
  • Declination Bracket