Sky-Watcher Electronic Shutter Release Cable for Nikon D90/D5000

Brand: Sky-Watcher

SKU : SW-S20313

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  • Designed to plug into a compatible Sky-Watcher mount for automatic control of the shutter button on the Nikon D90 or D5000 DSLR Camera
  • Compatible with the Virtuoso, Star Adventurer, All View, AZ-EQ5, EQ6, and EQ8 mounts

Product Details

  • The Sky-Watcher S20313 Cable Release is used in conjunction with a compatible Skywatcher mount and your Nikon D90 or D5000 camera to automatically take pictures without requiring that you manually push the shutter button. For instance, the Sky-Watcher AllView Mount can be set to auto-shooting mode, which will send signals via the electronic shutter release cable to the camera to automatically release the shutter for each shot in a panorama. The mount will slew to its proper picturing position, take the image and move to the next picture point without any intervention from the user. Other compatible mounts may use the Cable Release in different types of modes, so check the instruction manual of your particular mount for instructions.

    Here are a list of mounts that are known to be compatible with the Sky-Watcher Nikon D90/D5000 Cable Release:

    • Virtuoso
    • Star Adventurer
    • All View
    • AZ-EQ5
    • AZ-EQ6
    • EQ8
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    • Sky-Watcher Electronic Shutter Release Cable for Nikon D90/D5000

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