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Shelyak SPOX Module - Lhires III with 5m Cable

SKU : SL-ES0012

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The SPOX module is compatible with the following spectrographs:

  • Alpy 600
  • LISA

Just the cable connecting the SPOX box to the spectrograph will depend on the type of spectrograph you have.

Product Details

  • This SPOX is a small control module for the Lhires III spectrograph calibration lamps with a 5-meter cable. (Also available for the LISA, and Alpy 600 spectrograph calibration lamps.)

    This can be done manually, near the telescope (if you are in mobile configuration for example) or through your computer, by a USB cable – whether on Windows or Linux.

    Shelyak SPOX Module-A

    Manual control near the telescope is simply done using the SPOX push-buttons. Each button controls either the halogen lamp for the flats or the Neon / Argon lamp for spectral calibration.

    Shelyak SPOX Module-B

    A red led indicates whether one of the spectrograph lamps is defective.


    You can also control calibration lamps via a small dedicated software (available in the download section) or via an application using an ASCOM driver.

    Shelyak SPOX Module-C

    Shelyak SPOX Module-D

    The SPOX module comes with its 2 m USB cord (6.7-feet) and this option, and configuration for the Lhires III, the cable needed to connect SPOX with your spectrograph is the 5 m (16.4-feet) cable.

    The cable is equipped at both ends with a Tiny XLR 4 pin plug and an additional adapter is included for the Lhires III.

    You will also need a 12V power supply.

    Shelyak SPOX Module-E

    The cables can also be ordered separately. 

  • included items

    The SPOX module includes :

    • A 12 V DC input
    • A USB socket (delivered with a USB cable of 2 m)
    • A tiny XLR 4 pin plug
    • SPOX User Manual

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