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Shelyak 10mm Size T2 Spacer

SKU : SL-BA0040

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Product Details

  • Shelyak 10mm Size T2 Spacer

    This 10mm Spacer is meant to be used with the Shelyak Star Analyzer to give it more room for back focus as needed, bringing the setup closer to the suggested minimum back distance of four times the camera pixel size in microns. For example, for the ToUcam webcam, the distance would be 5.6x4=22.4mm. If you find that the distance for your setup is less than the minimum value, we recommend purchasing sufficient spacers to bring the distance above the minimum. It uses a T2 thread for linking. Please Note: Pricing of the Shelyak 10mm Size spacer is dependent on concurrent purchase of a large system to use with it. Please contact us for more information and details if interested! Manufacturer Product Number: BA0040

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