Shelyak Sentinel Astronomical Weather Station

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  • Shelyak Sentinel Astronomical Weather Station

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    Shelyak Sentinel Astronomical Weather Station

    Shelyak Sentinel Astronomical Weather Station

    The Shelyak Sentinel Weather Station gives you peace of mind when doing remote astronomical observations or imaging, whether you are operating your backyard telescope from the comfort of your living room or you have an observatory half a world away.

    Here are the kinds of tasks the Shelyak Sentinel Weather Station can accomplish:

    • measure cloud coverage
    • detect rain or snow
    • measure wind speed and direction
    • measure ambient temperature
    • measure humidity levels
    • measure sky brightness
    • records all the above data into internal memory

    The main components of the Sentinel system include a box and wind sensor that will be set up outside, close to your observatory. The system is powered by a 12V power supply (connected via an included 82-ft (25m) cable), and connects to your PC by a serial cable. A relay (1A, 250V) triggers an alarm or an urgency close system such as Dome Tracker whenever weather parameters fall below a set point.

    Since most of the components of the Sentinel Weather Station will be exposed to the elements, Shelyak took great care to make sure they were super-durable. A metal casing protects the station from the most extreme conditions, and if it should rain, snow, or get frosty due to high humidity, the Sentinel will heat up automatically so you can take advantage of all of those crisp, clear nights even though there is snow on the ground.

    The autonomous Windows software program will show you all of the data from the various sensors and plot them in a graph that you can transfer to your FTP web site automatically. You can export data in CVS format should you need to import the data to other software programs. Text and binary data files are created continuously. Sentinel software can also export data that is compatible with Cloud Sensor I or Cloud Sensor II. The only sensor output that is not compatible is Sky Brightness.

    With the Sentinel software program you can also set:

    • observatory opening maximum levels
    • observatory closure minimum levels
    • record frequency (with a record every 10 minutes, you can leave your Sentinel more than 50 days without a PC connection)
    • FTP link to automatically transfer graphs on your web site

    SkyMonitor Software Download

    Sentinel firmware can also be updated through the RS232 interface.

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