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Shelyak Near IR Kit for LISA Spectrograph

SKU : SL-SE0096

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Product Details

  • Shelyak Near IR Kit for LISA

    The standard configuration, or mode, for the LISA spectrograph is Visible, but you can also do spectrography in the near infrared with the addition of the Shelyak Near IR Kit. There are three main differences between VIS and IR configurations:

      • The IR grating is blazed at 1000 nm as opposed to 500 nm for the Visible grating.


      • A blocking filter is positioned after the slit in the IR configuration. Doing so prevents any second order spectrum from being mixed with the IR part of the first order.


    • The CCD camera spacer makes an angle of 4-derees with the face of the LISA spectrograph. This insures good focus along the spectral range.

    Please Note:Stated pricing of this accessory requires concurrent purchase of one of Shelyak's larger systems. Please contact OPT if you are interested in stand-alone pricing.



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