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Shelyak 200 Micrometer Calibration Optical Fiber - 10 Meters

SKU : SL-PF0019

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Product Details

  • Shelyak 200 um Fiber Optics Cable

    This calibration optical fiber cable has a core diameter of 200 um and a total length of 10 meters or 32.8-feet. Each end has an FC-type connector attached. This length of optical fiber is for the Echelle optical fiber fed eShel spectroscopy system. It is used to take spectrograph reference images. The calibration optical fiber connects the Calibration Unit to the side of the Fiber Injection & Guiding Unit. When a power source is on (Flat or Thorium-Argon) and the mirror is properly activated, you will clearly see the hole in the guiding image.


    Please Note:Stated pricing of this accessory requires concurrent purchase of one of Shelyak's larger systems. Please contact OPT if you are interested in stand-alone pricing.

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