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Shelyak eShel Spectrograph

SKU : SL-PF0011

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Product Details

  • Shelyak eShel Spectrograph Highlights

    • The Shelyak eShel Spectrograph is a cross-dispersed Echelon spectrograph
    • f=125 mm collimator (f/5)
    • R2 high efficiency Echelle grating
    • coated prism cross-disperser
    • 85 mm f/1.8 objective
    • Compact
    • High power of resolution R=10000
    • Visible domain (around 450 to 700 nm)
    • Optimized for large telescope (50 um fiber)
    • <
    • KAF1603me chip based (size >13 x 9 mm)
    • QSI 516ws or SBIG ST1603me camera recommended
    • Canon EOS lens interface with standard SLR backfocus

    A Bit About Echelle Spectrographs

    A spectrograph is an instrument which spreads out the light to analyze its source. The key component is a diffraction grating (a block of glass on which a high number of lines are engraved. An optical component is used to focus the resulting image on the sensor) in this case a CCD camera.

    An Echelle spectrograph is a little bit more complex, but the basics are the same. The grating is used at high orders (typically 32 to 52). The result is a high dispersion spectrum, in which a lot of orders are mixed. Shelyak uses a second disperser (called a cross disperser) to separate the orders and then the complete spectrum is re-built. This method produces a high resolution and high bandwidth image, and you will be able to see dozens of horizontal and curved lines in that image. The spectrum can be read like a book, but instead of starting at the top you start at the bottom and read up, one line after the other, from left to right.



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