Shelyak Dome Tracker - Observatory Dome Kit

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Shelyak Dome Tracker - Observatory Dome Kit

Shelyak Dome Tracker for Observatory Domes

The Shelyak Dome Tracker was designed to allow automatic movement and closure of an observatory dome that is already outfitted with motors. The Dome Tracker is inserted between your computer, which is being used to control your telescope and other accessories, and the controller for your dome motors. Once installed, Dome Tracker can send a signal to open or close your dome based on your inputs. You can also have your dome mimic your telescope’?????????s movements during Go To and tracking.

There are two different modes the Dome Tracker can work in, depending on what type of roof you have on your observatory; "Dome" or "Roll-Off Roof".

  • DOME: If you are using Dome Tracker on a dome, this mode will rotate the dome to find its zero position and then positions are tracked with an angular encoder. Shelter is managed by a signal sent to your system.
  • ROLL-ROOF: Use this mode if you have a roll-off roof, and Dome Tracker will send a signal to your motor controller until the end-of-position switches are activated.

A Guide to the Dome Tracker Connectors

RS232 Interface: Your PC will connect to the Dome Tracker via an RS232 serial interface. Drive the Dome Tracker via an ASCOM driver or directly from a program like Prism version 6 or 7 (not included). This software will allow you to control your telescope and your dome for continuous alignment between the two during computerized object location and tracking.

Sensors: Encoders keep the Dome Tracker system appraised of your dome’?????????s location at all times.

Motors: Connect the Dome Tracker to your dome rotation motor controller. Dome Tracker will tell your motor whether it should go right or left.

Open: Open or close the dome with a signal from Dome Tracker.

Emergency or Urgency Interface: This is a special input dedicated to a weather monitoring system or an urgent stop command that tells the Dome Tracker to close the obervatory.

The Dome Tracker requires a 12V Power Supply (user supplied). The Dome Tracker includes internal relays for electrical isolation.

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