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Shelyak Spectrograph to CCD Adapter - SBIG ST-7/8/10

SKU : SL-SE0012

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Product Details

  • Shelyak ST7/8/10 CCD Camera Adapterfor Lhires III or LISA Spectrograph

    If you have an SBIG ST7, ST8, or ST10 CCD Camera, use this M42x0.75 Camera Adapter to attach it to either a Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph or a LISA Spectrograph. The SBIG ST-7/8/10 Camera Adapter has a backfocus of 23.4 mm.

    Please note that the CCD Adapter, the SE0012, is included as standard equipment in the Lhires III Spectrograph package.

    Please Note:Stated pricing of this accessory requires concurrent purchase of one of Shelyak's larger systems. Please contact OPT if you are interested in stand-alone pricing.

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