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Shelyak Calibration Module for LISA Spectrograph

SKU : SL-SE0103

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Product Details

  • Shelyak LISA Calibration Module

    The Shelyak automatic calibration module is a perfect addition to your LISA spectrograph, especially if you plan remote observations. The Calibration Module includes a Neon and Tungsten lamp for wavelength calibration and flat processing. Activating one of the lamps triggers an electro-magnet inside LISA, which moves an internal miror in front of the spectrograph.

    The tungsten lamp of the calibration module is used to get flats. This is an incandescent lamp, with no emission or absorption lines. The neon lamp is for calibration.

    If you want to use the calibration module remotely, connect a controlled 12V power supply in each connector of the calibration module, and switch the buttons on.

    Please Note:Stated pricing of this accessory requires concurrent purchase of one of Shelyak's larger systems. Please contact OPT if you are interested in stand-alone pricing.

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