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See the Great American Eclipse of 2017 - DISCONTINUED -

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See the Great American Eclipse of 2017 - DISCONTINUED -

See the Great American Eclipse of 2017

By: Michael Zeiler

One of Natures most awe inspiring spectacles is a Total Eclipse of the Sun, and for the first time in decades such a spectacle is scheduled to come to the United States. August 21st of 2017, a Total Solar Eclipse is going to occur over the United States of America. ??????????See the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017?????????? is a richly illustrated book that gives prospective eclipse viewers all the information needed to safely view the eclipse.

This highly informative text includes a description of the awesome and majestic phenomenon that is a total Solar Eclipse, a summary on what an eclipse is and how they occur, a short history of eclipses seen in America, scientific results from eclipses, strategies to successfully view the eclipse, and 18 pages of gorgeous and detailed maps for finding a perfect spot to view the eclipse.

This book provides a laundry list of splendid resources to plan and organize your observation of the oncoming event- not just information, but also two eclipse viewing glasses folded in a plastic bag. These eclipse glasses are certified to be completely safe for viewing the partial stages of an eclipse!