SBIG STX-16801 Non-Anti Blooming CCD Camera

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SBIG STX-16801 Non-Anti Blooming CCD Camera

SBIG's new STX-16801 Non-Anti Blooming CCD Camera is designed for such high end applications as wide field photometry, astronomical surveys, radiography and optical testing. The versatile and integrated design leaves this exemplary CCD camera compatible with both Ethernet and high speed USB 2.0 connection types at the users discretion. This top level camera uses Kodak's KAF-16801 CCD sensor to achieve the highest level of quality, with 16 million pixels and each pixel sized at 9 microns providing beautifully high resolution. The sensor itself is almost 37mm square in size, and it has been chosen in this camera to both evenly illuminate the sensor and to refrain from applying anti-blooming technology.

Much like it's fellow STX series cameras, the 16801 utilizes air cooling to attain a level of -50 degrees C below local ambient temperature. It achieves this through a combination of several high end features; an innovate pin fin heat sink, two stage Thermo-electric cooling and an inbuilt fan. The pin fin heat sink is the most efficient design for dissipating heat per given volume currently available, providing top notch performance with a minimal increase in size and weight. The new heat sink is mated directly to the hot side of the two stage TE cooler to achieve maximum heat dissipation with a single large fan that is inbuilt to the camera. All of these combine to permit this camera to reach it's delta of -50C using air cooling only within only five minutes.


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