SBIG STF-8050M Monochrome Astronomy Camera with FW8-8300 Filter Wheel

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SBIG STF-8050M Monochrome Astronomy Camera with FW8-8300 Filter Wheel

SBIG STF-8050M Monochrome Astronomy Camera with FW8-8300 Filter Wheel

This startlingly high quality SBIG made CCD is a splendid astronomy camera, and boasts highly impressive specifications. It's Monochrome sensor ensures top quality contrast and precision in the images it captures, and it also boasts very low read noise levels, at only 9e-. Meanwhile the Electric Shutter ensures fast exposure times- ranging from a mere 0.001 second, to a full 3600 seconds! And of course, the resolution is impeccable- at 8.1 megapixels with 5.5 micron sized pixels, it's capable of capturing images in stunning detail. The Frame Rate and Sensitivity are of course on par with the rest of this camera's stellar features, but that's to be expected.

Furthermore, it comes packaged with the FW8-8300 Filter Wheel- a splendid quality wheel that is sized to hold eight 36mm filters. The thin design of this filter wheel minimizes the amount of extra back focus. It's certainly a slender little attachment that adds a lot- after all, using the filter wheel with the camera opens up a wide range of options- ranging from using LGRB filter sets to produce full color images of a higher quality than any taken by an actual color camera, to producing H-alpha focused images to precisely pick out certain phenomena- and more, limited only by what filters of the right size you have available! The filter wheel uses the camera's 12C Port for power and commands, and requires no extra wiring.

Lastly, the cooling system of the STF-8050 is a top quality piece of work as well. A heat sink that works in unison with an inbuilt fan, this system achieves a cooling delta greater than -50C!


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