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SBIG STF-4070SC Truesense Sparse-Color CCD Camera


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Product Details

  • SBIG STF-4070SC Truesense Sparse-Color CCD Camera

    This SBIG STF-4070 camera model features the highly sensitive Truesense Sparse Color Filter Pattern. It sports a KAI-04070 4 mp CCD sensor in a 4/3" optical format. Built upon a cutting-edge 7.4 micron Interline Transfer CCD, this sensor features broad dynamic range, superb imaging efficiency, and a flexible readout design.

    The STF-4070 has been enhanced to provide fast full frame downloads and peak cooling in a compact package the size of an STF. It only takes about 1/4 second to download a high resolution 4 mp 16-bit frame using the dual channel readout mode. Despite this ultra fast download rate, the read noise remains especially low at about 9e-.

    The STF-4070 was designed chiefly for the OEM market, specifically for microscopy operations where short exposures and high frame rates that can be achieved by an electronic shutter are more beneficial over having a mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames. As a result, the SBIG STF-4070 cooling design is very powerful with the capability of a cooling delta higher than -50 degrees C.

    TRUESENSE Sparse Color Filter Pattern Description

    The Truesense color filter pattern symbolizes a paradigm shift for attaining full-color images from a single sensor. By introducing panchromatic (clear) pixels to the usual red, green, and blue pixels commonly used to capture color, image sensors will be able to gain a substantial increase in light sensitivity, two to four times when compared with typical designs, while maintaining general image quality and color fidelity. Truesense Sparse-Color image sensors allow for improved pictures and video despite low-light surroundings.

    KAI-04070 CCD Features...

    • Available in Monochrome, Bayer Color Pattern or Truesense Sparse Color Filter Pattern
    • Progressive scan readout
    • Flexible readout architecture
    • High frame rate
    • High sensitivity
    • Low noise architecture
    • Excellent smear performance
    • Package pin reserved for device identification


    SBIG STF-4070SC Truesense Sparse-Color CCD Camera Features...

    • Large, high resolution 4 megapixel CCD with 7.4 micron pixels
    • Fast, dual channel read out
    • Full frame, high res, low noise, 16-bit download in 0.25 seconds
    • Electronic shutter for fast exposure times (0.001 to 3600 seconds)
    • STX/STXL style pin-fin heat sink and 70mm fan
    • Exceptional cooling delta greater than -50???C with air only
    • Sapphire Chamber window
    • Very low read noise ~ 9e-
    • Very low dark current ~ 0.01e- at -20???C
    • Antiblooming protection
    • Uses STF 8-Position Filter Wheels and OAG
    • Accepts Nikon and Canon EOS lens adapters

    SBIG Product Number: STF-4070SC

  • specifications

    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Mega Pixels4.2 MP
    MP2 to 4 MP
    Pixel Array2048 x 2048
    Pixel Size7.4 microns
    PS7 to 9 Microns
    Sensor Diagonal21.4 mm
    Sensor TypeCCD
    Weight lb

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