Self-Guiding Cover for STX Filter Wheels

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  • Self-Guiding Cover for STX Filter Wheels

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    Self-Guiding Cover for STX Filter Wheels

    Self-Guiding Cover for STX Filter Wheels
    This is an attachment for the FW7-STX or FW5-STX filter-wheels designed to turn said products into self-guiding filter wheels. The STX Guider is a simple object that attaches to the front of the FW7 or FW5, modifying them as mentioned. Self guiding is agreed upon by the vast majority to be the best and most accurate way to guide long exposure astrophoto's, most especially so with commercial SCTs. Yet a common complaint plagues self guiding- the difficulty in finding bright stars when guiding through dark or narrow-band filters. However, the STX Guider remedies this by incorporating a KAI-0340 CCD with 640 x 480 pixels @ 7.4 micrometers, which attaches to the front of the STX Filter Wheel so that the guider picks off light from the intended guide stars before passing through filters. Indeed, you may recognize this guiding CCD as the very same sensor used in the ST-i autoguider. To further augment the effect of this Auto-Guiding conversion, the optical elements that transfer the light from the pick-off mirror to the CCD act as a 0.7x focal reducer. The result? The field of view of the guiding CCD is doubled, resulting in a correspondingly greater selection of guide stars, and remedying one of the main issues of most auto-guiding systems. Also of note are the two smaller adjustment knobs on the STX Guider; one for focus and the other for moving the pick off mirror to avoid vignetting. A third and final knob on the side of the unit locks these adjustments into place once your optimal focus is achieved. In addition, a short cable is provided to connect the STX Guider to the remote guide head-port on the camera, and the STX Guider is fully compatible with the AO-X adaptive optics accessory. At the light weight of a single pound, the STX guider is highly portable; and it only consumes 3/4 of an inch of back focus, requiring absolutely no additional adapters to function.
    • Attachment turns filter-wheels into Self Guiding Filter-wheels
    • KAI-0340 CCD works to mitigate primary issue of self guiding filters
    • Only consumes 3/4 of an inch of back focus
    • Requires no additional add ons

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