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SBIG Aluma 814 with FW8S-Aluma and SC-2


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  • All-inclusive Aluma 814 Package has everything you'll need for scientific-grade imaging
  • Compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

Product Details

  • SBIG's mid-size, high performance Aluma Series cameras offer features and capabilities that are not available in any other scientific-grade imaging camera! This series of cameras also supports a vast range or accessories, from the 8-position FW8S-Aluma filter wheel and StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guide camera, to the AO-8A Adaptive Optics accessory and Remote Guide Head. The AL-814-SC-PACK is equipped with USB and WiFi interface.

    SBIG Aluma 814 Camera

    SBIG's Aluma 814 Camera is a high sensitivity, low noise 9 megapixel CCD with 3.69 micron pixels. It includes 2-stage cooling, USB 2.0 and WiFi interfaces, even-illumination shutter, and fast low-noise readout, making this lightweight (2.2 lb) camera both compact and functional.

    The ICX-814 CCD is one of the most advanced optical sensors that has ever been produced. Its combination of high sensitivity and very low noise means that your images will come faster, cleaner, and deeper! This sensor's peak quantum efficiency (QE) is over 75% and has overall spectral sensitivity, but is especially sensitive to blue light.


    FW8S-Aluma is the standard (non-guided) 8-position filter wheel for Aluma Series cameras. This filter wheel does not have a built-in self-guiding image sensor. It is compatible with Canon EOS and Nikon lens adapters.

    The carousel holds eight 36mm filters and SBIG has 1.25" inserts available separately. The 36mm filters offer unvignetted imaging for the largest Aluma sensors. Aluma wheels are machined with a positive centering mechanism that centers each filter in the exact same position every single time you use it. Talk about pinpoint single pixel accuracy!

    SBIG StarChaser Off-Axis Guider Camera

    The StarChaser (SC-2) is the world's first all-in-one off-axis guider that is equipped with a built-in camera and integrated AO support. You will also receive MaxIm LT software for full operation.

  • specifications

    ADC16 bit
    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Cooling Below Ambient50C
    Dynamic Range11.7 Stops
    Full Well15ke
    Mega Pixels9.2 MP
    Peak QE77%
    Pixel Array3388 x 2712
    Pixel Size3.69 microns
    Read Noise4.5e
    Sensor Diagonal16 mm
    Sensor TypeCCD
    Weight2.2 lb
  • included items

    • Aluma 814 Camera
    • FW8S-Aluma Filter Wheel
    • StarChaser SC-2 Guiding Camera

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