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Rigel Systems n-Step USB Interface System with Buttons

SKU : RI-wifi-nSTEP-stepper

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Product Details

  • Rigel Systems n-Step USB Interface System with Buttons

    This is the USB control system for use with Rigel System's n-Stepper motorized focuser control system. It allows you to computerize your n-Step focuser motor for remote use, and provides a number of other features! It is compatible with Rigel Systems, Feathertouch, Robofocus, and Moonlite stepper motors and is also fully ASCOM compliant. This USB interface system is also capable of both half step and full step control from your computer and displays a step count as well. The USB is included as well as a 12V battery pack and power cables. The software and ASCOM drivers are for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. What seperates this piece of hardware from the standard USB interface system is simple; this one has buttons that make manual control without any PC involvement possible! The utility of this when on the move is of course obvious. RI-USB-NSTEP-B
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