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Rigel PulseGuide w/ 12.5mm Plossl

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Rigel PulseGuide w/ 12.5mm Plossl

Rigel Systems PulseGuide with 12.5mm Plossl

PulseGuide pulses the reticle illumination to let the eye rest between pulses. The result? Improved contrast between reticle and faint guide stars for easier guiding and better astrophotographs or acquisition of faint object in your finderscope.

Two Knob Timing Control and Adjustable Brightness. 2 knobs let you independently tailor on and off blink times from continuous on to long- on/short- off or short- on/long- off or anything in between.

Two Color LEDs -- Comes with red LED which you can switch to yellow LED by unplugging red and plugging in yellow. Some astrophotographers find low level yellow makes the cross hair clearer and sharper, and makes guiding even easier.

Use our quality, dual crosshair, 12.5mm Plossl eyepiece or with your eyepiece or finder. Fits standard 8mm threaded hole. 10mm and 14mm set-screw adapters available. Uses one long life lithium battery (included) that is available at most electronics, camera and hardware stores.

Comments On The Rigel Pulseguide
"Some observers therefore prefer a cross hair that flashes on and off while guiding. For this reason, Rigel Systems designed a guiding light source called "Pulseguide", a simple but effective invention that pulses the reticle illumination of a guiding eyepiece during an exposure. On and off times and the reticle brightness are all variable and the unit is compatible with many existing guiding eyepieces. For guiding on very faint guide stars, I find this gadget invaluable." --- Martin Mobberley in "Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs".

"PulseGuide solves the problem of how to guide on faint stars while keeping the crosshairs bright. I use mine constantly. I prefer a yellow reticle illuminator because I'm sure my eye is focusing it in the same plane as the star." --- Michael Covington, author of "Astrophotography for the Amateur".

"...indeed with PulseGuide I was able to track stars that were virtually at the limit of what I could see in the eyepiece when no reticle illuminaton was present." --- Dennis di Cicco in "Sky and Telescope"

"...fainter stars may be spotted and followed with greater ease...". --- Phillip S. Harrington in "Star Ware"

Rigel Systems Product Number: PULSGUIDE+E

Customer Note: Photo is a little's the scoop: It shows the complete reticle eyepiece with illuminator nearest the top, and then shows two illuminators, one with the red LED and one with the yellow LED. You don't actually GET three illuminators, however. The folks at Rigel just wanted to show you how the illuminator would look with either of the standard LED's installed. So, one eyepiece, one illuminator, and two LED's (red and yellow). is what you'll get if you buy this product. Whew, that was hard!


Case IncludedNo
Dust Caps IncludedNo
Eye Guard IncludedYes
Eye Relief 18.5mm
Eyepiece Apparent FOV51 degrees
Eyepiece Eye ReliefNot supplied by manufacturer
Eyepiece Focal Length12.5mm
Eyepiece Special FeatureIlluminated
Field StopNot supplied by manufacturer
Lens Elements & GroupsNot supplied by manufacturer
ModelRigel PulseGuide Plossi
Optical DesignPlossl
Warranty1 Year Warranty