Rigel nFOCUS & 12 Volt DC Motor for Stellarvue Dual Speed 2" Focuser

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Rigel nFOCUS & 12 Volt DC Motor for Stellarvue Dual Speed 2" Focuser

Rigel Systems nFOCUS Controller and 12 Volt DC Motor for Stellarvue Dual Speed 2" Focuser

Motorize your Stellarvue focuser (the current Stellarvue focuser as shown below and upper lleft, not the older long perng & GSO focusers) with the high torque 12V DC motor driven by the Rigel Systems nFOCUS motor controller for the ultimate in accurate focusing. Rigel nFOCUS is the affordable way to get high precision fine focusing without vibration for visual and astro-imaging! Easily switch from motorized to manual focusing by removing red thumb screws. Can be easily switched to stepper motor. Stellarvue focuser is not included.

The Rigel Systems nFOCUS controller fits in the palm of your hand and provides two directions at two speeds with only two buttons using advanced logic control and 12V regulated output! Low speed is adjustable pulse width modulated (PWM) drive, providing full voltage torque for reliable low speed operation .Press the second button down while holding the first button down and Rigel Systems nFOCUS digital logic control switches to high speed drive, to get you to focus quickly. The Rigel nFOCUS avoids the problems with the focus motor controllers which adjust voltage to adjust speed, and thereby don't have the umph to turn the motor over at low speed.

The Rigel Systems nFOCUS whacks the motor with a full 12 volt, short duration pulse to overcome stiction at low speed operation, providing plenty of umph! It is amazing to see nFOCUS work, to see the focus change step by step till it's just right. No more coasting past then back past then past again. Uses 3 AA batteries (complimentary) for long life.

Rigel Systems Product Number: nFOCUS2


Focuser Or Mask Size2" Drawtube
Warranty1 Year Warranty