Radian Telescopes Raptor 61 Electronic Focuser Upgrade

  • Works specifically with the Radian Raptor 61 telescope
  • Automated system to get extremely accurate focus on the first try
  • Compatible with ASCOM, X2, and INDI software for versatile use with any operating system
  • Included power supply and USB cables for connecting directly to your computer with no additional focus controller needed
  • Lightweight and portable with a low power draw
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  • Regular price $499.00

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Radian Telescopes Raptor 61 Electronic Focuser Upgrade

Radian Electronic Focuser Upgrade

Focus Automation At Your Fingertips

For those who want to do away with the task of manually focusing altogether, we are pleased to offer the optional USA-made Radian Autofocuser as an immediate automation upgrade specifically for the Raptor 61 telescope. We know some prefer not having to second-guess focus accuracy by hand, or would rather control their system from inside on colder nights. The Radian Autofocuser's high-resolution stepper motor allows you to adjust focus directly (without an additional focus controller) via software from your computer to ensure you get perfect focus automatically every time.


Radian Electronic Focuser Upgrade
  • Extreme Precision
    High-resolution stepper motors allow for the finest micro-adjustments to be made so you can dial in razor-sharp focus.
  • No More Second Guessing
    Using focus automation software, you don't need to waste unnecessary time trying to double and triple check focus. By using V-Curve models to automatically identify the best focus position, software can accurately find perfect focus on the first try.
  • Versatility With Any System
    Unlike other focusers, the Raptor 61 Electronic Focuser is compatible with all ASCOM, X2, and INDI software, making it compatible with any operating system out there.
  • Manual Override
    For those moments when you just want to focus by hand, an integrated clutch releases to allow use of the manual focus knobs.



Radian Electronic Focuser Upgrade
  • Ultra Lightweight
    Too many focusers add unnecessary weight and unwanted torque into your imaging train. Weighing just 6.4 oz (185 g), the Radian Electronic Focuser can even be used on a travel-friendly star tracker mount.
  • Goodbye Focus Controller
    Many electronic focusers require a bulky additional focus controller just to control the focuser itself, which adds unnecessary weight and more cables to get snagged on. We decided to cut the middle man and just allow the focuser  to connect directly to your computer via included USB cables, eliminating unnecessary parts.
  • Low Power Draw
    The focuser draws less than 1 amp of power at all times, making it easy to power even with your computer by using a third-party USB to 12V DC converter cable.





Assembly Tools1/16" and 7/64" hex keys (included)
Focuser CableUSB B to USB A (3 ft and 15 ft cables included)
Length3.7" (94mm)
Material6061 Aluminum anodized black with gold knob
Power Draw12V DC at <1A (AC Adapter included)
Weight6.4 oz (185 g)
Width1.9" (48mm)