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Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope


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  • The ultimate portable astrophotography telescope
  • Comes with multiple upgraded components as standard for a complete, turnkey package
  • 61mm aperture, 275mm focal length, f/4.5 system
  • Premier apochromatic triplet optics for pristine image quality
  • Custom Radian Hex Rings with integrated cable management channels
  • Huge full frame image circle with the included Corrector for sharp stars across the image on DSLRs, mirrorless, and dedicated astronomy cameras
  • Comes with a 4" V-style dovetail & a Radian 6.5" universal D-style plate to ensure compatibility with any mount out of the box
  • Additional included accessories consist of a 10:1 factory-tuned rack & pinion focuser, a 2" Filter Vault, a 360º rotator, and more
  • Check out our Radian Raptor 61 Rundown to learn more!

Product Details

  • Radian Raptor 61 Imaging Telescope

    Introducing the Radian Raptor 61: a premium, travel-friendly APO triplet imaging refractor with all the bells & whistles included for the modern astrophotographer.

    Here at Radian Telescopes, we believe in building gear that works seamlessly with any system, so you can focus on doing what you love — capturing awe-inspiring images of the cosmos — instead of wasting hours fussing with adapters, mounting, and other headaches. That's why we built the Raptor 61: a portable, widefield 61mm f/4.5 apochromatic triplet refractor packed with features that any astrophotographer would want for turnkey imaging. Being astrophotographers ourselves, we know how frustrating it feels to have perfectly clear skies overhead but you waste the night trying to get your equipment to work the way it should. With the Raptor 61, wasted nights can be a thing of the past. With its wide field of view, the Raptor 61 is the ideal choice for producing stunning images of deep sky objects that cover wide swaths of the night sky.




    Radian Raptor 61 Aperture
    • Tack-Sharp, Fast Optics

      We know how agonizing it is to have to spend multiple nights capturing images when using a slow system. With its fast f/4.5 focal ratio, the Raptor 61 allows for shorter exposures, making it possible to capture quality data on multiple targets in a single night.
    • High-Quality Glass

      The Raptor 61 features an apochromatic triplet optical design with premium glass and multi-coatings to tackle chromatic aberration with ease, leading to an ultra-clean overall image without the nuisance of reflections.
    • Wide Field of View

      The 275mm focal length is simultaneously excellent for widefield imaging and highly forgiving, making it the perfect choice for both beginners and experts. Targets like the entire Veil Nebula and the Orion & Horsehead Nebula together can fit easily into frame on up to full frame sensors.
    • Dedicated Corrector

      With the Raptor 61, there's no need to buy an additional reducer/flattener. The dedicated, factory-matched corrector that comes as standard is intended to be used as an always-on solution for imaging. The corrector's three-element design provides correction for sensors as large as full frame, so no matter which camera you use, pinpoint stars can be seen across the image.




    • Factory-Tuned Focuser

      You shouldn't need the world's steadiest hands to nail the focus on your telescope. To bypass this, we chose an ultra-sturdy 2.5" dual-speed rack & pinion focuser for the Raptor 61 that's factory tuned to allow extreme levels of precision when focusing. The 10:1 gear ratio of the coarse and fine focus knobs makes nailing tack-sharp focus a breeze for anyone.
    • Upgradeable Automated Focusing

      For those who want to do away with the task of manually focusing altogether, we are pleased to offer the optional USA-made Radian Electronic Focuser as an immediate automation upgrade. We know some prefer not having to second-guess focus accuracy by hand, or would rather control their system from inside on colder nights. The Radian Electronic Focuser's high-resolution stepper motor allows you to adjust focus directly (without an additional focus controller) via software from your computer to ensure you get perfect focus automatically every time.
    • Integrated Filter Vault

      Adding filters to imaging rigs can make figuring out the correct backfocus challenging. The Filter Vault is integrated directly into the Raptor's included adapters, so you can easily swap out your favorite 2" filters and never worry about spacing or backfocus. Unlike most other telescopes which require an additional filter drawer for an added cost, the Raptor 61 has you covered out of the box.




    • Innovative Ring Design

      With a design that hasn't changed in over a century, traditional tube rings can cause you to lose precious hours of imaging time when a cable snags on one of the tightening screws. On top of that, many have wasted time trying to figure out how to attach additional accessories like a guide scope, power box, or other add-ons. To end these issues once and for all, we designed a brand new, innovative set of rings just for the Raptor 61: the Radian Modular Hex Rings.
    • No More Snags

      The Modular Hex Rings feature a six-sided construction with mounting holes on all sides to attach any accessory you need, saving you headaches and trips to the hardware store. Cables can be routed through integrated cable channels in the rings for improved cable management. Unlike tightening screws that protrude off of the scope and get caught easily, the Modular Hex Rings have a quick-clamp design that eliminates the possibility of cable snags. 




    • Two Dovetails Included

      We know what it's like to buy a telescope and be ultra excited to receive it, only to find that the dovetail that came with the scope doesn't fit onto your existing mount. For that reason, we decided that the Raptor 61 should come standard with both a 6.5" universal Losmandy D-style dovetail and a 4" Vixen V-style dovetail. Having both at your disposal means you can start using your new Raptor 61 right away on any variety of mounts you already own.
    • Lightweight

      Forget having to haul your heavy equatorial mount far from home. At a total weight of just 4 lbs (1.8 kg), the Raptor 61 can be carried on even the lightest travel mounts, including star trackers like the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro or the iOptron Skyguider Pro, with weight to spare for a camera as well.





    • Defend from Dew

      Included dew shield helps fend off dew from forming on the objective on humid nights, and front and rear dust covers protect the telescope's optics when not in use.
    • Rotating Made Easy

      Rotating the camera to get the ideal framing has never been simple with many telescopes. On the Raptor 61, we chose a built-in 360º rotator that makes it easy to frame your images to your ideal composition without having to rotate the entire telescope.
    • Simple Camera Attachment

      Some telescope manufacturers use proprietary thread sizes on the back, making it difficult to find the right adapters to attach your camera. We chose a simple, industry-standard M48 thread size with full frame sensors in mind for this very reason. Simply attach an M48 wide T-ring with any DSLR or Mirrorless camera and you're ready to image. The threads can also easily be sized down to smaller formats, such as M42, using the adapters that most manufacturers supply with dedicated astronomy cameras.




    • Case Included
      Say goodbye to pricey custom cases and plucking foam when trying to transport your telescope. The Raptor 61 comes standard with a Radian travel backpack complete with padded inserts sized for carrying the telescope, a CMOS camera, and a number of other accessories safely when you head out to your favorite dark sky site.

    The Heart & Soul Nebulae, captured by Trevor Jones of AstroBackyard with a Canon EOS Ra full frame camera on the Raptor 61:


    The California Nebula, captured by Trevor Jones of AstroBackyard with a Canon EOS Ra full frame camera on the Raptor 61:


    Watch AstroBackyard's Video on the Raptor 61:


  • specifications

    Back Focus Distance55mm from Rear Threads
    Case StyleRadian Padded Insert Backpack
    CorrectorIntegrated Corrector with three element design
    Dew ShieldIncluded
    Dust CoversBoth front and rear covers included
    Filter Attachment2" / M48 Filter Vault
    Focal Length275mm
    Focal Ratiof/4.5
    Focus Knobs10:1 Dual Speed with Locking Knob
    Image Circle44mm
    Included Dovetails6.5" universal Losmandy D Style and 4" Vixen V Style
    Optical DesignApochromatic Triplet Refractor
    Optical DesignRefractor
    Optical DesignTriplet Refractor
    OTA Length (Dew Shield Retracted)235mm
    OTA Outer Diameter w/o Hex Rings80mm
    OTA Outer Diameter90mm with Dew Shield
    Rear Camera ConnectionM48x0.75 (wide T Ring compatible)
    Rotator360º with Locking Knob
    Tube RingsRadian Modular Hex Rings
    Weight4 lbs
  • included items

    • Radian Raptor 61 Telescope
    • Radian padded-insert travel backpack
    • Radian 6.5" universal D-style plate
    • 4" V-style dovetail
    • Radian Modular Hex Rings
    • Filter Vault


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United States United States
Great Telescope

The telescope is easy to use for a beginner.

Cecil C.
United States United States
Raptor 61

Just finished trying out the Raptor 61 with a ZWO ASI071 camera attached. Excellent wide field images of the Rosette and Orion nebulas. I plan on getting the triad Ultra quad band filter.

Allen G.
United States United States
Radian Raptor 61

Phenomenal little scope! I initially tried large objects like the Heart nebula and the elephants trunk neb, I also photographed the whirlpool galaxy as an experiment. The scope takes such sharp pictures that I could enlarge and crop the whirlpool into a decent picture! Very happy with this instrument.

Wilbur W.
United States United States
Great Glass, not as “out of the box ready” as expected.

This scope is awesome, but couldn't give if five stars as it was not as “out if the box ready” as its claimed. It took trips to the hardware store and lots of iterations to get things mounted to it. The V-Style dovetail is sooo short its kind of useless. Other than that this things produces very sharp pictures. Focusing is super easy and smooth. Filter vault is a little tight, but once the filter is “dropped” in the spot it is easy to screw in place.

OPT Telescopes Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope Review
Randy D.
United States United States
Luv'n It!

It's a great little scope. The images produced are clean and crisp. I haven't had any issues with it to date. I installed a WO Cat Series Saddle Handle to mount my guide scope. I had to modify the saddle by drilling out the back mounting hole to accommodate the larger hex bolt head. I have a ZWO ASIAir Pro attached to the side on the Hex ring and I installed a ZWO EAF. I captured IC434 & M42 on the night of 12/18/20 using a ZWO ASI2600MC-Pro OSC astronomy camera. The image consists of 36 300 second subs with Dark, Flat and Dark Flat calibration frames stacked in DeepSkyStacker and processed in PixInsight.

OPT Telescopes Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope Review
A OPT Telescopes Customer
John L.
United States United States
Great wide-field scope

The scope arrived about two weeks after it should’ve since my announcement day zero pre-order apparently “got stuck” in their system. Once it arrived it took me a little while to figure out how to best put all the parts together. While the rings are versatile, they don’t easily work with all dovetail clamps due to different screw sizes etc. I ended up racking my brain a ton to figure out how to pull all the necessary parts together. Ended up mounting the Zwo guidescope directly on to the back ring as well as the ASIAIR Pro using a male-male Photo tripod screw adapter off Amazon. This helped make the kit even more compact and since I was able to shortcut from mounting with dovetail clamps. The backspacing in the picture worked well without any filters. With the Radian Ultra I had to add one more of the Zwo camera spacers and then sufficient backfocus came available again. The optical quality is obviously dependent on very precise focus given the speed of the scope. ASIAIR pros focus feature worked really well here. As well as a traditional bhatinov mask of course. I’m surprised they didn’t include a bhatinov mask in the kit. That would have been a better thing to include than the mounting plates that would’ve been better to leave as an electable option depending on mount. Now that I finally have everything set up, I’ve been enjoying imaging and for wide field, I’d say it’s hitting or exceeding my expectations. Fun scope, looks good, images really well, and altogether that makes it worth the premium paid.

OPT Telescopes Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope ReviewOPT Telescopes Radian Raptor 61 f/4.5 Imaging APO Telescope Review