QSI Astronomik LRGB Type 2c Filter Set for QSI Cameras - Purchase Required (O)

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  • QSI Astronomik LRGB Type 2c Filter Set for QSI Cameras - Purchase Required (O)

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    QSI Astronomik LRGB Type 2c Filter Set for QSI Cameras - Purchase Required (O)

    QSI CCD Cameras do not come standard with filters so that you can choose the set that best suits your needs. However, QSI will install a set of Astronomik LRGB Type 2c Filters in your new camera with filter wheel for an additional $279 if you like. Just add this product to your shopping cart, and OPT will do the rest. Remember, you MUST buy this upgrade and your new QSI camera (with filter wheel, of course) at the same time in order to have them installed at QSI. Otherwise, you can buy your choice of filters and install them yourself.

    The transmission curves of the Astronomik RGB filters are optimised for CCD astronomy. Continuum radiators like stars and galaxies as well as objects that shine only in single lines (e.g. planetary nebulas), are reproduced in their true colours. Because of the design of the band pass of the filters, the colour sensitivity of the human eye is optimally reproduced. You get CCD pictures that show objects in their optimal colors, just as if you would see it if your eyes were sensitive enough.

    Each Astronomik Type II filter will permit colour pictures without an extra IR- cutoff filter, because all three filters are blocked near to the infrared (~1150nm). All three filters have the same thickness, so that color images between the singular pictures will be possible without focusing. They are designed to work with nearly all CCD sensors available on the market. With these sensors and this filter set you will get pictures with very good color balance.

    • Astro- optimized transmission curves for images without color shift

    • Each filter blocks the IR, no additional filter necessary

    • Correct images for very red as well as deep blue objects because of reproduction of the eye??s sensitivity

    • Transmission of nearly 100%

    • Same optical thickness for all filters

    • Insensitive to high humidity, scratches and aging

    • Glass substrate of very high quality. You get the sharpest images your scope can deliver

    Image shows Red, Green, Blue and IR Cutoff filter. This package include the "L" Filter, which is offers UV & IR-Cutoff.

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeLRGB
    Filter MountedMounted
    Filter Side Adapter SizeRound
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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