QSI Astrodon LRGB "E" Series 1.25" Filter Set for QSI Cameras - Purchase Required (O)

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  • QSI Astrodon LRGB "E" Series 1.25" Filter Set for QSI Cameras - Purchase Required (O)

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    QSI Astrodon LRGB "E" Series 1.25" Filter Set for QSI Cameras - Purchase Required (O)

    QSI CCD Cameras do not come standard with filters so that you can choose the set that best suits your needs. However, QSI will install a set of Astrodon "E" Series LRGB Filters in your new camera with filter wheel for an additional $450 if you like. Just add this product to your shopping cart, and OPT will do the rest. Remember, you MUST buy this upgrade and your new QSI camera (with filter wheel, of course) at the same time in order to have them installed at QSI. Otherwise, you can buy your choice of filters and install them yourself.

    Astrodon Tru-Balance RGB GEN II

    filters have revolutionized CCD imaging. Their popularity is due to ease-of-use, high optical throughput and great resulting color for galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. There are two varieties of Tru-Balance filters - E-Series and I-Series.

    E-Series filters are designed to approximately equalize the flux of Kodak's full-frame (E-Series) CCD detectors, including compensation for the solar photon flux. This means that your RGB color combine weights will be approximately 1:1:1 within perhaps 10%. This can never be perfect, but it does allow you to take equal time exposures for your RGB data and also just one corresponding dark exposure time.

    Astrodon filters are known for being parfocal on most systems. The new thickness tolerance of +/-0.025mm (25 microns) for Generation 2 LRGB fitlers is a factor of 2 better than Gerneration 1 filters, and should be parfocal for systems down to f/3.5, IF your optical system is well color corrected. We have reduced the UV contribution in the lumincance and blue filters for this reason to reduce star bloat The Clear (no near-IR blocking) may produce bloated stars if your optical system has poor near-IR focus. Use the near-IR-blocked Luminace filter in this case. The Clear filter is likely a better choice for reflectors, such as Ritchey-Cretiens, rather than refractors or camera lenses.

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeLRGB
    Filter MountedMounted
    Filter Side Adapter SizeRound
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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