QSI Liquid Heat Exchanger for QSI 500 Series CCD Cameras

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QSI Liquid Heat Exchanger for QSI 500 Series CCD Cameras

Forced air cooling is usually all that is needed to reach normal levels of cooling when using the QSI 500 Series CCD Cameras. However, in warm weather or particularly demanding situations, additional cooling can be achieved with the optional Liquid Heat Exchanger. The Liquid Heat Exchanger utilizes recirculating water for more efficient removal of heat from the camera. All things being equal, the Liquid Heat Exchanger can provide an additional 7???C to 10???C of CCD cooling. It attaches to the rear of the camera body as illustrated below.

The water flows through the two hoses, colored blue in this picture. Self-sealing, quick-disconnect couplings are used to attach the hoses to the Liquid Heat Exchanger so that the hoses can be removed easily without leakage of the recirculating water.

Please note that only water should be used in the Liquid Heat Exchanger. Coolants such as ethylene glycol and some solvents may damage the seals and gaskets.


Warranty2 Year Warranty