QHY5-II USB 2.0 Planetary and Autoguiding CMOS Camera

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QHY5-II USB 2.0 Planetary and Autoguiding CMOS Camera

The QHY5-II camera provides data-transfer speeds up to the maximum USB 2.0 data rate of 39MByte/sec, returning 30FPS@1280x1024 or 1280x960 on modern computers and hundreds of frames per second in certain ROI modes.

The QHY5-II fits in a standard 1.25-inch eyepiece adapter and has an adjustable location ring for confocality with an eyepiece. It is ideal for use as a low-weight auto guider. The QHY5-II comes in a very small but powerful package! Its improved thermal design allows the heat generated by the CMOS sensor to be transferred externally to the telescope's eyepiece tube.
The QHY5-II is supplied with both Native WDM and Broadcast WDM drivers, which means you can use it as an ultra-high-performance web-cam for video capture or live video broadcasting. Show real-time astronomy images and events to your friends! The QHY5-II series can also be connected with the QHY InterCam stand-alone camera.

The QHY5-II uses the On Semiconductor MT9M001 sensor, a 1/2-inch optical format, 1.3 megapixel, monochrome sensor with 1280 x 1024 pixels at 5.6um. It can output the full 1280 x 1024@30fps and 320x240@320FPS.


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