QHY 9 Mono KAF-8300 CCD with Accessories -Discontinued

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QHY 9 Mono KAF-8300 CCD with Accessories -Discontinued

QHY's QHY9 is a classic style monochromatic camera using the impeccable quality KAF-8300 sensor to provide truly top notch imaging quality! Here being packaged alongside a perfectly sized five position filter wheel, this package includes almost everything you'd need to get started with an astro-photography session- all you'd be left needing would be the filters for the filter wheel, a power supply, and a computer to control it from!

The QHY9 boasts a high quality full frame sensor that has a peak Quantum Efficiency of 58% and an effective pixel array of 3358*2536, or 8.6mega pixels. It's small size of just 4/3" makes it just perfect for astro-photography by dint of rendering it ideal for use with most telescope sizes. Furthermore, it has two stage TEC cooling and a typical cooling delta of -50c below ambient, offering outstanding thermal noise control. It's splendid for use in warmer climes due to its high level of cooling.

QHY 9 Mono KAF-8300 CCD with Accessories- Features and Notes
  • CCD Sensor: KAF8300(Mono) Full Frame Sensor
  • Effective Pixels: 3358*2536 8.6mega pixels
  • Pixel Size: 5.4um*5.4um
  • Full Well: 25.5Ke-
  • Imager Size: 17.96mm(H)*13.52mm(V) Typical 4/3inch
  • Peak QE: 56%@540nm / 48%@Ha
  • Anti Blooming Gate: Yes, 1000x
  • ADC: 16bit
  • Readout Noise: Typical 9e-
  • Binning: 1x1,2x2,3x3,4x4
  • Readout Speed: 3Mpixels/s (3sec download) for high speed readout / 1Mpixels/s (9sec download) for normal speed readout
  • Interface to Computer: USB2.0
  • On Camera Buffer: Yes, 32MBytes SDRAM
  • Comes equipped with 5 Position 36mm Filter Wheel
  • Filter wheel is motorized
  • TEC: 2 stage
  • Cooling: Typical -45, Max -50C below Ambient. Temperature Regulated with DC201
  • Shutter: Build in Mechanical Shutter
  • CCD window heater: Yes
  • Fully Airproof CCD chamber: Yes. Connected With silicon gel tube socket
  • Note: Warranty is varied. Camera body has 2 year warranty, sensor has one year warranty, cooling system has one year warranty, and cables have under a half year warranty.
  • Filter Wheel is solidly built and gear driven.

Manufacturer Product Number: QHY90A