QHY 9 Monochrome CCD Camera w/ 7-Position Ultra Slim 36mm Filter Wheel -Discontinued

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QHY 9 Monochrome CCD Camera w/ 7-Position Ultra Slim 36mm Filter Wheel -Discontinued

The QHY9 is a classic monochrome CCD camera that uses the celebrated 8.6 mega pixel Kodak KAF8300 sensor. This sensor sports excellent QE for imaging deep sky objects. Peak QE is 56% with 48% QE in H-Alpha. 4/3" size makes it ideal for the majority of telescope models.

Two-stage TEC and standard delta T is -50???C below ambient. This provides superior thermal noise control. When contrasting the QHY9 with cameras that have -25 or -30???C cooling, you'll find the QHY9 produces a clearer image with very long exposure time even in the hottest summers or coldest winters.

The QHY9 features very low readout noise. It also has a round design, making it well-suited for Hyperstars. QHY9 is a round design and very suitable for Hyperstars.

QHY 9 Monochrome CCD Camera Specifications...


  • Kodak KAF-8300 monochrome CCD sensor
  • Total pixels: 3448 x 2574 (8.9 mega pixel)
  • Effective pixels: 3358 x 2536 (8.6 mega pixel)
  • Active pixels: 3326 x 2504(8.3 mega pixel)
  • Imager Size : 17.96mm x 13.52mm, 4/3"
  • Pixel Size: 5.4 ???m x 5.4 ???m
  • Full Well Capacity: ~25,500 electrons
  • Readout noise: 8e- to 10e-(Typical @1Mpixel/s)
  • Peak QE: 56% @ 540nm
  • Microlensing on chip
  • ABG: 1000X
  • 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
  • Preview Speed: 3Mpixel/s (3 sec download time)
  • Download Speed: 1Mpixel/s (9 sec download time)
  • Built in 32 MBytes SDRAM buffer
  • Supported Binning: 1x1, 2x2,3x3,4x4
  • Communication port to QHY color wheel
  • Improved 2-Stage regulated TEC cooling Max -50???C below ambient
  • Improved Heat Sink For Kodak CCD
  • Single cable for for QHY ColorWheel control
  • Built-in mechanical shutter for Full Frame CCD
  • Built-in heater to avoid dew on CCD optic windows in very high humidity
  • Weight: 18 oz.
  • DC201 DC adapter and regulated TEC controller
  • USB 2.0 High Speed interface
  • Guide Port: Integrated Optic isolated guide port RJ11 6pin (ST4 type)
  • Fully sealed
  • Desiccant Silicon tube

QHY Product Number: QHY9-736


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