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QHY 533M Cooled Monochrome CMOS Camera


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  • New generation of back-illuminated CMOS cameras with 3.76um pixels
  • Uses the similar series of sensor as the flagship models QHY600 and QHY268
  • Featuring zero amp glow and low noise
  • Active cooling for professional results
  • Anti-dew technology prevents moisture buildup

Product Details

  • QHY 533M Cooled Monochrome CMOS Camera

    After the release of the original color version of the 533 camera sensor, its popularity soared and it quickly developed a reputation as one of the best sensor values on the market due to its high pixel resolution, square sensor shape (perfect for sharing images on social media), incredibly low noise and high sensitivity, all at a lower cost than most comparable cameras. The only complaint was that the camera was only offered in a color sensor version … until now.

    QHYCCD 533M Camera Senser


    A Professional Camera at an Affordable Price

    The QHYCCD 533M cooled monochrome camera delivers on all the beloved features of the original 533 color camera, with the improvement of the monochrome option for more versatility, including the optimal use of narrowband filters, and greater levels of control for the photographer. The 1 inch IMX533 sensor makes this an affordable yet still professional option for sky imaging.

    QHY533M Fullwell vs Gain

    Fullwell vs. Gain

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    533M Quantum Efficiency

    Quantum Efficiency

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    With the 533M, you get all the benefits of a professional monochrome camera, without the higher cost of larger sensors. There’s no need to purchase expensive 2” filters to cover the sensor, the QHY 533M camera requires only 1.25” filters, cutting your filter costs substantially. It can also interface with your DSLR lenses, and includes a 1/4” tripod mount, meaning you can make use of the glass and tripod you already own with this camera.

    QHY533M — Purpose-built Astrophotography Camera

    A few of the most impressive specs of the QHY 533M includes active dual-stage cooling, which reduces sensor noise even further, anti-dew technology with built-in heaters to keep the optical window clear from fogging at all times, and a compact form factor making it useable on any system.

    QHY533M Readout Noise vs. Gain

    Readout Noise vs. Gain

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    533M Dynamic Range vs. Gain

    Dynamic Range vs. Gain

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    This CMOS camera’s pixels come in at 3.76um across, and it records in 16-bits at a 3003x3003 resolution with true RAW image output. The sensor is back-illuminated, removing all amp glow, meaning your photos will be true to life. It’s small size and impressive specs make the QHY533M perfect for portable astrophotography setups and front mounted telescopes such as HyperStar configurations or Celestron RASAs.
    QHYCCD 533M Astrophotography Camera with Lens Adapter

    QHY 533M 1” 9MP Camera Sensor

    The 533M’s 9MP, 1” sensor ensures that even the finest details in your images can be resolved clearly and consistently, while the internal 1GB buffer allows for 27 frame captures per second in 8-bit mode, or 18 frames per second in full 16-bit mode. This camera helps bridge the gap between budget and professional offerings for those who want to delve into the realm of full control monochrome imaging.

    Front View with Tripod Mount

    533M Camera

    Back View

    Mechanical Diagram

    QHY533M Mechanical Diagram
  • specifications

    Amp ControlZERO AMP GLOW
    Built in Image Buffer1GB DDR3 Memory
    Color or MonoMonochrome
    Computer InterfaceUSB3.0
    Exposure Time Range30us to 3600sec
    Full Resolution 27FPX (8bit) and 18FPS (16bit)
    Full Well58ke
    MP9 to 12 MP
    Pixel Array3080 x 3280
    Pixel Size3.76 microns
    Readout Noise1.3 to 3.4e
    Sensor Size1" Square
    SensorSony IMX533M
    Shutter Type Electronic Shutter
    Unity Gain68
    Weight1.86 lbs
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    • QHY 533M Cooled Monochrome CMOS Camera

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