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QHY 5-III 290 Monochrome CMOS Telescope Camera

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QHY 5-III 290 Monochrome CMOS Telescope Camera

The IMX290 is a top notch new Camera from QHY's QHY5III series of cameras. It uses the Sony StarVis Exmor-R Back Illuminated CMOS sensor to capture both high quality images and real-time video of the night sky. It is fully capable of capturing video of very faint stars, and is suited for both planetary imaging and video astronomy use. As a point of comparison, it boasts roughly twice the visual light sensitivity and three or more times the infrared wavelength sensitivity of the IMX236 from the same series. That's a massive improvement, and it makes this a camera well suited for a wide variety of applications- especially when you take into account that it's also capable of extremely low read noise. Read noise for this camera varies between at most 3.2e, to an optimal 0.75e. Even at it's worst, it's remarkably low- and at it's best, it's stellar!

Indeed, this CMOS Astronomy Video Camera is a splendid camera in most ways. Operating at 180 FPS at a fully HD resolution, it produces remarkably precise images which are made even more accurate by the low read noise of the Camera! The USB 3.0 interface continues to do this model some real favors with the rate of data transfer and other similar features that bespeak of true quality. It also shares the rugged and dependable LEMOS guider port of it's fellow QHY5III series camera's.

QHY Product Number: QHYIII290M

Vendor Number: 100084



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