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QHY 5-III 224 Color CMOS Telescope Camera

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QHY 5-III 224 Color CMOS Telescope Camera

This stellar new QHY5III camera utilizes Sony's ultra low read noise CMOS sensor IMX224, which boasts not only incredibly high sensitivity, but remarkably low readout noise. It's a small size sensor that nevertheless produces top notch images because of it's incredibly low read noise; it's capable of reaching less than a full 1e read noise with high gain. What this means is that it captures large amounts of the light reaching the sensor with almost no background noise interference, producing crisp and clear images reliably.

Like the rest of it's series, the IMX224 makes use of 3.0 USB interface at blazingly fast speeds, and produces HD quality images in terms of resolution. It also has a remarkably high framerate; operating at 150 FPS at it's full size output of 1280*960. That's 150 FPS on a HD image, with almost no read noise to speak off due to levels of read noise below 1e! With resolution, speed, and noise like this, the IMX224 isn't just for lunar or planetary imaging, but can also be used for basic deep sky imaging!

And of course, like the rest of it's series, it has compact 1.25inch eyepiece design and is CS adapter compatible. It has a built-in 5pin solid and reliable LEMO guide socket. All in all, this is a stellar quality CMOS camera for a wide variety of uses that is simple to use and highly efficient.

QHY Product Number: QHYIII224C

Vendor Number: 100069



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