QHY 367C CMOS Full Frame Color Astronomy Camera

Brand: QHY


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  • Full 36x24 mm Frame.
  • Sensor Diagonal of 43.3 mm.
  • 4.88 microns Pixel Size.
  • Full Resolution at 3.2 fps.
  • One-Shot Color (OSC) Camera.
  • Great for Deep-sky Imaging!


Product Details

  • The QHY 367C CMOS Color Astronomy Camera gathers spectacular amounts of light from deep space objects in high-definition! With a full-frame of 36 x 24 mm, cooled 36.4 megapixels, 14-bit color CMOS Sony IMX094 sensor, and a dynamic range of more than 14 stops, easily capture breathtaking astro-images!

    Capture the Universe with the QHY 367C CMOS Color Astronomy Camera

    Low Readout Noise

    Observe more details of nebulae with a readout noise of 3.2e at the lowest gain and 2.4e at the unity gain.

    True Raw Image Output

    DSLR cameras offer raw images but keep some hot pixel patterns in the resulting images; this distorts the final image with bright-looking pixels. With the QHY 367C, you can capture the original signal while keeping the maximum flexibility for image processing.

    Unique Thermal Noise Reduction Technology

    Removes thermal noise to almost nothing, producing images that more closely represent the original light.

    Zero Amplifier Glow

    Worry-free long exposure imaging! Your camera is engineered with the rare capability of zero amplifier glow, giving you more detailed images and less stress on dealing with the distortions sometimes seen in long exposure imaging.

    128MB DDRII Image Buffer

    Avoid the risk of frame loss, with its 128MB DDRII image buffer, boosting the image cache when your USB port is in high demand.

    Anti-Dew Technology

    Comfortably capture images despite moisture in the air with its optimized technology. An electric heating board helps prevent dew from getting on the windows in addition to the glass design. As for taking care of humidity for you, a silicon gel tube socket design within the CMOS chamber controls it.

    Optical Coatings

    To prevent the halo effect around bright stars, sometimes noticed in deep space images, the camera’s optic windows are designed with a strong AR coating.

    • Note: There is no IR cut coating on this window so (if needed) you will need to supply your own IR cut filter to place on the front of the camera in a 2-inch filter holder (these are not included with this camera).


    OPT Product Number: QH-QHY367C

    Vendor Number: 100093


  • specifications

    ADC14 bit
    Back Focus18.5 mm
    Camera ConnectionM54 x 0.75
    Color or MonoColor
    Delta T35C
    Dynamic Range14 Stops
    Full Rez Frame Rate3.2fps
    Full Well56ke
    Max Frame Rate83fps
    Mega Pixels36.4 mp
    Peak QE56%
    Pixel Array7376 x 4938
    Pixel Size4.88 microns
    Read Noise3.2e
    Sensor Diagonal43.3 mm
    Sensor TypeCMOS
    SensorSony IMX094
    Weight1.73 lbs
  • included items

    • QHYCCD's QHY367C CMOS Astronomy Camera.
    • Sony IMX094, 36 mp/14-bit Color CMOS Sensor.
    • Link to the Manual. (The QHY128C and QHY367C share this manual).
    • Adapter: M54 to M48.



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