Prism Basic Astro Imaging Software Version 10 - Discontinued

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Prism Basic Astro Imaging Software Version 10 - Discontinued

Prism Basic Astro Imaging Software Version 10

Whether you're a novice or an advanced astro-imager, Prism Basic is an all-inclusive software program that provides the ideal solution for all your astro imaging needs. Developed over 20 years, Prism Basic can control a portable telescope. All of your devices are controlled by native code or the ASCOM interface.

Prism Pro features a fully integrated planetarium Sky Chart, allowing you to design your observing sessions using a variety of both star and deep sky object catalogs. It supports most CCD cameras and Canon DSLRs, making capturing CCD and DSLR images a simple task.

Prism Pro has a completely automatic observation function that does it all for you including camera cooling, auto focusing, auto centering, and image capture.

Following capture, Prism will calibrate, stack and fully process your images. Advanced tools provide easy identification of your finest images.

Polar alignment is a simple procedure accomplished using the King or Drift methods. Plus, Prism's pointing model capability will make sure your mount is never off-target.

Prism Pro Astro Imaging Software Features...


  • Detailed Sky Maps
  • Mount/ CCD Camera/ Observatory control
  • Canon DSLR Support
  • Mount Pointing Model
  • Image Calibration/ Stacking/Processing
  • Plate Solving
  • Auto Focus
  • Image Quality Selection
  • Fully Automated Imaging Sessions
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, or 10

Equipment Support


  • ASCOM Telescope mounts
  • CCD and Canon DSLR cameras
  • ASCOM filter wheels and focusers
  • Rotators
  • See User's Manual Here

Prism Product Number: PRISM-BASIC