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PlaneWave L-350 Direct Drive Mount

SKU : PI-600549

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  • Direct drive systems must be specifically tuned to your telescope setup to function properly. Please let us know your system so the mount can be tuned at the factory.
  • Weight Capacity: 100-pounds.
  • Slew Speed Range: 15 degrees per second to 50 degrees per second.
  • Supplied with 12V DC 15A Regulated Power Adapter. Accepts 120V AC.
  • Perfect mount for a CDK 12.5-inch or 14-inch, or any similar size heavy-duty telescope.

Product Details

  • The PlaneWave L-350 Direct Drive Mount is a single fork arm mount ideal for using PlaneWave's telescopes. The L-350 is a great option for any astronomer looking to get the absolute most out of a 14-inch aperture or smaller telescope. This mount can track in Alt-Az and Equatorial modes.

    PlaneWave L-350 Direct Drive Mount

    Find out everything you need for set-up, software,
    installation, and controlling your mount
    in this blog: The PlaneWave L-350 Professional Mount Guide 

    What is a Direct Drive Mount?

    Direct Drive motors remove the need for gears, thereby eliminating backlash and periodic error. All movements of the mount are made via the highly complex electronic manipulation of the motor magnetic field. With high-resolution encoders providing the feedback for the direct drive motors, not only will the telescope track without periodic error and backlash, the mount will also counter wind gusts with precise servo feedback. The direct drive motors can move the telescope at higher than standard mount speeds to minimize telescope slewing time.

    Direct Drive System

    The L-350 Direct Drive mount is constructed from high-quality stainless steel. The dual-axis motors used in this direct drive mount have been designed and manufactured entirely in the United States ensuring the best quality control and precision manufacturing. The On-Axis encoders that are used for this mount are capable of 18 million counts at .072 arc seconds per tick. This mount is quiet, free of backlash, and free of periodic error and pretty much gives you perfect tracking.

    The required power to operate the L-350 direct drive mount is 120V AC at 15 AMPS. Cable management is very easy since all power cabling is internal and you can run all accessory cables through the mount.

    L-Series Mounts Features:

    • Direct-drive motors on each axis for smooth, fast, and virtually silent movement of the telescope.
    • Slew speeds move the telescope at higher than standard mount speeds to minimize telescope slewing time on both axes.
    • High resolution encoders on each axis for precise positioning.
    • Zero backlash.
    • Zero periodic error.
    • <10 arcsecond RMS with PointXP mount modeling software.
    • Enclosed electronics.
    • Through-the-mount cabling.
  • specifications

    Head DesignAltitude Azimuth
    Instrument Capacity100 lb
    Latitude Range0 to 90 degrees
    Motor TypeDirect Drive
  • included items

    • L350 Direct Drive Mount Body.
    • Dual Axis Motors.
    • On-Axis Encoders.
    • Fully Internal Cabling.
    • PlaneWave Interface 4 (PWI4) Control Software with integrated PointXP mount modeling software.
    • Azimuth and Altitude Encoders.

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